Hmm... this year Chinese New Year and Valentine Day in the same day... so many Chinese couple make this so special.

I just want to say :



Hehehehe even one day late but... It's ok I guess...
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Hiks... Now I celebrate my birthday with ill in my body even now I'm working but still pain that feel I'm alone and sick...

Bad... Bad... All is bad for my Birthday...
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Now it's a new day for the years 2010. It' a day to review all the things that we have done in 2009 and hope in 2010 we have a good start for better life.

I like to say that 2010 is a great change for me to start over all that I don't achieve in 2009, perhaps first is my family... I hope in this year all the things more brighter and more happy, and I hope my financial more bigger than 2009.


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Although Christmas is already pass but still I have a Christmas spirit. So for everyone there's who can reach my blog diary I personally say MERRY CHRISTMAS... and HAPPY NEW YEAR.
I hope in coming year I can reach all my goal that I left behind.


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This post I write from my phone and I hope it's work.
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Hmmm... today I stay at home because my stomach hurt and got a little fever... I hope tomorrow it can be better for me.


Wow.... that's a quick advance for me to know that my Adsense campaign go to on right direction.... hehehehehe. Thanks for my LOVELY and for GOOGLE it's really works...

Now my money on Adsense is :
  1. $12.72 for 13 December 2009 at 10:15
I will update it perhaps every day... Thanks again GOOGLE...


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